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Flood Insurance in Mansfield, OH, Marion, OH and surrounding counties

Protecting Ohio and Florida Homeowners against Flood-related Risks

A common confusion with Flood Insurance is that some people think its covered under your homeowners policy. That’s not the case. Homeowners face lot of risks, and flooding is one of these risks.  Floods can cause damages that translate into significant costs, and for this reason homeowners almost everywhere need protection.  Insurance provides necessary protection and at Hitchman Insurance Agency, Inc. we have a comprehensive flood insurance program.  Through this program we write customized policies for individual clients and we’ll write a customized policy for you.  You and your home will stay secure for the right price as a result.  Whether you live far from a river in Ohio or right on the water in Florida, we’ll help you.

Flood Insurance Coverage Details

Flood insurance protects against damages to dwellings and to belongings and it protects against liabilities.  This type of insurance is often paired with homeowners insurance but it is also purchased as a standalone form of insurance.  The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) issues flood insurance but independent agents can sell flood insurance.  Purchasing flood insurance through an independent agent allows a policyholder to get a better rate and to have higher limits.  We work closely with every client so that we know what the appropriate limits and rates are for him or her.  We’ll work with you in the same way in order to know the same things. 

Rates for flood insurance policies are determined in part by the levels of risk of geographic areas in which policyholders live.  You can find out what the flood risk level is of the area in which you live by using the FEMA Map Service Center search tool.  Knowing the flood risk of your area can help you prepare for buying flood insurance.

What you can expect

Both Ohio and Florida are relatively flat states.  Florida is almost entirely surrounded by water and Ohio has a number of waterways and bodies of water that run through it or are in it.  For these reasons, Floridians and Ohioans are at risk for flood damages.  This is why these individuals need flood insurance.  In order to ensure that Ohioans and Floridians get the flood insurance that they need, we consult with them one-on-one and we help them create the best solutions.  We’ll consult with you in the same way so that you can get the best solution.

We manage risk and claims and we’ll manage your risk and we’ll manage any claims that you file.  We’re also reachable at almost all times, so if you need to get a hold of us, you can.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more about your options.  If you're ready to get started, request a quote.

Additional Flood Insurance Information:

We’re proud to provide flood insurance in Mansfield, OH and in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and St. Petersburg, FL.  We also serve other areas in Ohio and in Florida.